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Are there optional fees?

Students might be eligible to opt-in or opt-out of certain university fees depending on their career and enrollment status. Students can refer to the "Tuition and Fee Rates" to identify if there are fees they can opt-in or opt-out of.

How can I opt-in and/or out of optional fees?

Students can opt-in and/or out of eligible optional fees through the CaneLink system. Once logged into CaneLink, go to the Student Dashboard, under "Financials" go to "Optional Fees/Waivers."

Please note, if there are no fees to be selected, this means all the university fees charged to the student’s account are mandatory.

What is the deadline for waiving the wellness center fee?

It is the student’s responsibility to waive the Wellness Center Fee, if eligible, prior to the last day to drop a course without a 'W' every semester.