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How to enroll in Direct Deposit

Students may sign up for direct deposit to receive their student refunds to a savings/checking account of their choice. 

Benefits for enrolling for direct deposit include:

  • Fastest and most secured method to receive your student refunds,
  • Funds are deposited into the bank account selected eliminating check mailing wait time.

Important Information about Direct Deposit:

  • The University can only deposit student refunds into domestic (US) bank accounts or credit unions.
  • Communications are sent to the student's official UM email address when a direct deposit refund has been issued to the bank account in CaneLink.
  • The funds are generally available within 1-3 business days after the refund date on the student's account activity. 
  • The direct deposit account in CaneLink is the default refund method unless the student initiates a change to thier preferred refund method.

Direct Deposit Enrollment Guide