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What is Cane Express?

The Cane Express account can be used at the University of Miami as a cashless form of payment on campus by depositing funds into your Cane Express via CaneLink under the Cane Card menu.

The Cane Express account is an optional service provided by the University of Miami, and is not a bank account through which a student can withdraw cash or receive refunds.

Where can I use Cane Express?

Cane Express is accepted at all University facilities and services (for example: dining locations, the bookstore, and libraries). Cane Express is not branded or affiliated with any credit card company (MC, VISA, AMEX etc.); therefore, it can only be used on campus.

How can I deposit funds into my Cane Express account?

The recommended deposit to open a Cane Express account via CaneLink, is a minimum of $10.00. 

There are two (2) ways you can deposit funds to a Cane Express account:

  • Credit Card Deposits: To process an online deposit into a Cane Card using a credit card, log into your CaneLink account and select 'Make a Cane Express Deposit' option under the 'Cane Card' menu.
  • Proxy/Delegate Deposits: Proxy/Delegates can add Cane Express funds to a student's Cane Express account here. For a step by step guide click here.