Wire Transfer of Funds

Wire Transfer of Funds: Wire transfer of funds for payment on a student’s account at the University of Miami may be processed through any full-service bank in your area.

How to make a wire transfer:


  1. Log into CaneLink and go to Student Center, click on the Account Inquiry button under the Finances.

  2. Click on Make a Payment to pay your tuition and select Wire Transfer Payment (USA & International).

  3.  Select US from the “What country are you paying from” dropdown list and choose the US wire transfer payment option.

  4. Create a Flywire account, so you can track your payment, and enter basic identification information for the University to identify your payment.

  5. Send your funds to the bank account information provided (you will receive an email with the bank's information and your unique wire code for the transaction).

  6.  Track your payment through text and status updates, and receive a confirmation when your wire transfer has been delivered to University of Miami.

Wire Transfer Customer Support
Phone: 617-207-7076
Email: support@flywire.com
Web: www. Flywire.com/help