Understanding Your Account

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Amount Now Due

The “Amount Now Due” includes pending financial aid. Any anticipated financial aid not listed below as “Pending Financial Aid” may require additional documentation. Should your anticipated aid subsequently change, the amount you are required to pay will change as a result. Please refer to the “To Do List” on the Student Center Page, or contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services at:

305-284-5212 - Undergraduate and Graduate Students
305-284-3115 - Law Students
305-243-6211 - Medical Students

Future term tuition deposits do not reduce the Amount Now Due

Prior Balance

Any balance on your student account from a prior semester that has not been paid.

Current Charges

Charges due for the current semester of enrollment.


Payments are credits applied to the student’s account. Payments include financial assistance, credit card transactions, personal check payment, wire transfer payments, sponsor payments and account adjustments.

Pending Financial Aid

Pending aid includes any aid the student is eligible to receive that has not been disbursed to the student’s account. Pending financial aid will not appear on the student’s “activity” tab. Once the aid is disbursed, then it is considered a payment and it is no longer considered pending financial aid. Therefore, disbursed financial aid will appear under the “Payments” line on the Account Summary page.

Student Account Questions

A Student Accounts advisor is available to assist you with your student account questions.
Telephone: (305) 284-6430 (option #5)
email: saccounts@miami.edu
Facsimile (Fax): (305) 284-3895