Exit Loan Counseling Process

If you are graduating, have withdrawn, have reduced your course-load below half time (6 cr. undergraduates, 5 cr. graduate), or are just leaving the University of Miami and have borrowed student loans (GradPLUS, Stafford and/or Perkins loans) federal regulations require that you complete an Exit Loan Counseling prior to separating from the University (even if the separation is a temporary one).

The Exit Loan Counseling provides you with important information relating to the loans you received and a review of your rights and responsibilities as a borrower. This Exit Loan Counseling process covers Grad Plus, Stafford and Perkins loans; please be aware that if you have borrowed Perkins loans you will be asked first to complete your Perkins counseling followed by an automated transfer to complete you GradPLUS, Stafford counseling.

You will be sent an email notification at the appropriate time with instructions as to how to complete this process on line. Email notifications will be sent the month following the change in enrollment status. If you do not hear from us please call us as we may not have a valid email address for you. The on-line exit counseling process takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. Please be aware that you will need the name and addresses of two references to complete this process.  The process is started from your University of Miami CaneLink account. For additional information please follow the Federal Student Aid Exit Counseling Guide link.

If you are unable to access the Exit Loan Counseling through CaneLink, or have questions about the online exit please e-mail us at exitinterview@miami.edu or call us at (305) 284-6430 option #4.