Comparison of Tuition Payment Plans

The Office of Student Account Services offers several alternative payment options. Some are administered by Student Account Services, and others are administered by financial institutions. The plans offered include Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students, Monthly Payment Plan, and alternative available through various lenders.


Eligible Students

Plan Amounts

Current Interest Rate


Repayment Terms


Parent loans for dependent students. (If denied the student is automatically awarded unsubsidized Stafford loan.)

Freshman + Sophomore: $4000.00  -  Junior + Senior: $5000.00
Total Cost Less Financial Assistance 6.41% Fixed 4.288% Origination Fee Up to 10 Years to Repay - Principle Payments can be deferred

Monthly Payment Plan

All Students with balances of $1,000 or over with no prior semester balances. Total Cost Less Financial Assistance No Interest 3% Participation Fee Fall - 4 Month Payment Plan Spring - 4 Month Payment Plan