Wellness Center Waiver FAQ

Who is charged the Wellness Center Fee?

Full-time students enrolled for fall or spring semesters are automatically charged the fee each semester.

Who is eligible to waive the Wellness Center Fee?

Only graduate students, medical science students, and RSMAS students may waive the fee. Undergraduate students, JD law students, and MD medical students are not eligible.

I do not use the Wellness Center. Can I waive this fee?

The fee is mandatory for all students except for graduate students, medical science students, and RSMAS students. Not using the Wellness Center does not preclude you from being charged the fee.

Can I waive the Wellness Center Fee from a previous semester?


I want to opt out of the Wellness Center Fee for all future semesters. Can I do this?

No. Full-time students are automatically charged the Wellness Center Fee each semester by default, and eligible students must waive the fee each semester in order to have the fee waived.

I am eligible to waive the fee. How should I submit my Wellness Center Fee waiver?

If you are a Graduate (excluding Law and Medical), Medical Science, or RSMAS student then you may waive the membership fee through your CaneLink student portal, under Finances, select the Optional Fees tab, select the Wellness Center Waiver, and submit.

I submitted the Wellness Center Fee waiver in a previous semester, but the fee was never waived. Can you waive that Wellness Center Fee?

Unfortunately, we cannot waive fees for previous semesters.

I submitted the Wellness Center Fee waiver already. When will the fee be waived?

It can take up to 24 hours for the wellness center waiver credit to appear on the student's account after the waiver is submitted. If the wellness center waiver does not appear as optional, this means you are not eligible to waive the fee.

When is the deadline to submit the Wellness Center Fee waiver?

The deadline to opt out of the wellness fee is the last day to drop a course without a "W". The waiver will no longer be an option after the deadline.

How do I know when my waiver has been processed?

Please login to Canelink and go to: Student Center > Account Inquiry > Activity. You will see a credit transaction with the description of “Wellness Center Fee Waiver” added to your bill.