Tuition and Fees FAQ

Why am I being charged an activity fee?

The funds generated by this fee which pools diversified interests of a multi-faceted student body, are used to support the availability of a wide range of programs, service, facilities and organizations. These can include the University Center, Student Activities, Campus sports, major events, Homecoming, major concerts, student publications, the student radio station, and the Student Government.

What is the purpose of the athletic fee?

The Athletic Fee entitles students to attend assigned home games for Football, Baseball, Basketball and intercollegiate contests. Free transportation is included for events held at the Sun Life Stadium.

How and I able to attend university athletic events as a grad, law or med student?

As a Grad, Law or Med student you are able to attend athletic events by electing to pay the optional Athletic Fee. You may elect this fee on your CaneLink account which is located under the “Student Home” tab, within the Student Center’s “finances” section. Click on “Account Inquiry”, then on the “Optional Fees” tab in order to select the athletics fee.

Are there fees that are optional?

Students might be eligible to opt-in or opt-out of certain university fees depending on their career and enrollment status. Students can refer to the "Tuition and Fee Rates" to identify if there are fees they can opt-in or opt-out off.

How can I opt-in and/or out of optional fees?

Students can opt-in and/or out of eligible optional fees through the CaneLink system. Once logged into CaneLink, "Go to Student Student Center", click on "Account Inquiry", then on the "Optional Fees" tab.

Please note, if there are no fees to be selected, this means all the university fees charged to the student’s account are mandatory.

Is the wellness center fee optional & can it be waived?

The Wellness Center fee is optional only for Graduate (excluding Law and Medical), Medical Science, and RSMAS students. Graduate Students can complete a Wellness Center Waiver if they do not want to be charged this fee. The waiver process is available on the website.

What is the deadline for waiving the wellness center fee?

It is the student’s responsibility to waive the Wellness Center Fee before the last day to add a course each new semester. The last day to add a class is posted on the Registrar’s web site.

What does the wellness center fee cover?

The Wellness Center Fee entitled students to use the new 114,000 square foot center that includes a 10,000 square foot fitness room, six raquetball courts, two squash courts, indoor lap pool, two gymnasiums for basketball, volleyball, badminton, floor hockey and soccer, jogging rack, aerobics and martial arts room, health juice bar lounge, and locker and shower rooms.

The Center also has a wellness suite consisting of a studio cycling room, a fitness lab, instructional kitchen, outdoor courtyard and four outdoor basketball/volleyball courts. The fee also includes aerobic classes, sport tournaments, and informal recreation programs.

What is the UM Cane Express Card?

The UM Cane Express card is the debit card system used at the University of Miami. It is similar to a check card in which money is deducted from an established balance. To establish a Cane Express account, all you need to do is deposit funds into your account via CaneLink. The Cane Express account is an optional service provided by the university, it is not a bank account through which a student can withdraw cash. Any requests to withdraw funds will cause the account to be closed until the beginning of the next semester. A minimum of $5 is required to open a Cane Express Account online.

The magnetic strip on the back of the card is coded to the student’s identification number. Each time the card is swiped, it debits the amount of the sale from the student’s cane express account. Each time you use your Cane Card at a point of sale, your remaining balance will appear on the register.

Where can I use the UM Cane Express Card?

You can use the card at vending machines, laundry facilities, the food court, the library and the University bookstore. The card is not branded or affiliated with any credit card company (MC, VISA, AMEX etc…); therefore, it can only be used on campus.

How can I deposit funds into a UM Cane Card express account?

There are three (3) ways you can deposit funds to a Cane Express Account – Credit Card, Cashiers Office or through the Mail.

    • Credit Card Deposits: To process an online deposit into a Cane Card using a credit card, log into your CaneLink account at and select the “Cane Express Balance and Transactions” link.
    • Cashier Office Deposits: You can visit the Cashier’s office on campus at the Ashe Building and make a deposit into your account by check, money order or cash. No credit cards are processed at the Cashier’s office.
    • Mailed Deposits: You may mail a check to add funds to your Cane Express account. Make the check payable to the University of Miami and send it to:

University of Miami
Cane Express Account
PO Box 025551 
Miami, FL 33102-5551

Please include your full name and student ID number to ensure accurate processing. Mailed deposits can take up to 10 days to process and appear on the students Cane Express account.

Where can I find more information anout the Cane Express account?

For more information on UM’s Cane Express accounts, please visit us online at

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