Third Party/Outside Scholarships FAQ

I have a sponsor who will be paying my education expenses. What do I do?

If there is no credit or payment  for a Third Party Sponsor on your Tuition Bill, return the statement with a copy of the award letter or sponsor agreement. Be sure that the student's name and I.D. number are noted on these documents. This information may be faxed to 305-284-3895. Students may deduct the amount to be paid by the sponsor and pay any remaining balance due prior to the Due Date shown on the bill. Only upon receipt of the required documents from the sponsor will Student Account Services process a (credit) on the student's tuition bill for the appropriate semester amount. For additional information, please call or write the Third-Party Billing/Sponsored Student Coordinator in the Office of Student Account Services at 305-284-6430 Option 5.

I am a participant in the Florida Pre-Paid Tuition Program. What do I need to do to get my Florida Pre-Paid funds to credit my student account?

The Florida Pre-Paid Program must be notified that the student will be attending the University of Miami. The Third Party Billing Coordinator in the Office of Student Account Services must be provided with the correct information and amounts to bill the Florida Prepaid Account. Students must also complete the University of Miami's Florida Prepaid College Program Authorization Form. This form can be accessed on-line at CaneLink, click 'Student Home Page' tab.

The toll-free number to call the Florida Prepaid Tuition Program is 1-800-552-4723.