Refunds FAQ

How are overpayments for tuition received from loan proceeds or scholarships handled?

Any overpayments for tuition received from either loan proceeds and/or scholarships will be processed only after the following conditions have been met:
  • Balance due at UM has been paid in full.
  • After the first day of class.

Can I have someone else (parent, friend, roomate, act.) pick up my refund for me?

Refunds are primarily issued via direct deposit. Students who are not signed up for direct deposit will have their checks mailed to them. Paper checks are processed only once a week and mailed out on Mondays. We highly recommend signing up for direct deposit to avoid any delays receiving a paper check in the mail. Paper checks will not be released to anyone at the Check Distribution Office.

When will I recive a refund?

Refunds are released on or after the first day of classes assuming that the student’s financial aid is sufficient to create an overage. Please note, it can take up to 14 days for the refund to be processed

Are overages and refunds able to be direct deposited?

Yes, direct deposit is the primary method for processing refunds at the University of Miami.

How can I signup to receive my overage/refund via direct deposit?

You may sign up for direct deposit on CaneLink.
  • Under the student home tab
  • Within the student center, click on account inquiry.
  • Then select the direct deposit tab and follow the instructions.
  • Please note, we can only deposit funds into active, U.S. checking and saving accounts. We cannot deposit direct deposit funds into money market or foreign accounts.

For step by step instructions click here.