FAQ - Monthly Payment Plan

How do I apply for the Monthly Payment Plan?

You can enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan on CaneLink through the Home Page>Student Center>Self-Service>Campus Finances>Enroll in Payment Plan and follow the 4 step enrollment process. Click here for illustrations that reflect the steps you need to take to enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan.

How are monthly payments calculated?

The system will place the amount shown in the “You Owe” section located under the Account Inquiry/Summary tab into the “Elected Amount” on the Monthly Payment Plan.  This “You Owe” amount is the total of all charges (tuition, fees room, and board) minus the Anticipated Financial Aid and/or other payments and credits (except College Work-Study-Miami Commitment, and other aid that is paid directly to the student).  The monthly payment is calculated by adding a 3% non-refundable Administrative Fee to the “Elected Amount” and dividing that total into 4 equal payments. 

What If I wanted to change the Elected Amount in the Monthly Payment Plan?

The “Elected Amount” cannot be changed. If you want to lower the amount of your payment plan, you can make a payment on your account prior to completing the MPP enrollment process.  Your new total balance will be reflected in the “Elected Amount” when you begin the MPP enrollment process.

What if my balance goes down because I get additional financial aid and/or get a loan will the 3% administrative fee be reduced?

If charges that are placed in the plan are reduced because additional aid and/ or loan is awarded, the credit will be applied to your installment payment(s).  The initial charges that were placed in the payment plan and the 3% administrative fee will not be reduced.

What charges may be included in the Monthly Payment Plan?

The Monthly Payment Plan will cover all semester charges including tuition, fees, room and board. The payment plan is available on a semester basis. There is a minimum contract amount of $1,000, meaning you must have a balance on your account of at least $1,000 per semester. These payment terms are fixed and cannot be modified. Summer classes are not eligible for the Monthly Payment Plans.

If I have past due balances from a prior semester, can I add this balance to the Monthly Payment Plan?

The Monthly Payment Plan will not cover outstanding or past due balances from previous semesters or any other non-student related fees (i.e. parking fines, health center fees, etc).  Prior balances must be paid in order to be eligible to enroll in the payment plan. 

When does the Monthly Payment Plan become effective?

The Monthly Payment Plan goes into effect as soon as the 4 step enrollment process is complete.

How will I be billed?

Payments are due the first of each month and reminder notices will be sent out monthly. You can also refer to the “Account Inquiry/charges due” tab for additional information.

Can I pay my monthly payments with a credit card? 

Payments can be submitted by credit card and/ or electronic check via the “Make A Payment” button under the “Account Inquiry/Summary” tab once enrollment is complete. Please note that there will be a 2.5% transaction fee on the total amount of the payment for all credit card transactions. Please click here to view the step by step illustrations.

May I defer my payments?

No, all payments must be paid in full as scheduled.

My billing statement and payment amount are incorrect. What should I do?

If there is a question on your billing statement, please contact the Office of Student Account Services immediately at (305)284-6430 option 6.

What happens if my check is returned from the bank?

A returned check fee will be assessed on the student's account and the student's check cashing privileges may be revoked. Return check fees are assessed according to the following scale: checks under $800 are accessed a $20 fee per occurrence and checks over $800 are charged a fee of 2.5% of the original check amount.  Payment in the amount of the returned check plus the returned check fine must be made in certified funds (cash, cashier's check, or money order) for any payment that is returned. 

Can I add additional charges on the Monthly Payment Plan once the plan is in effect?

Additional charges cannot be included once the Monthly Payment process has been completed.  Please call the Office of Student Account Services 305-284-6430, option 6 for questions relating to changes to your Monthly Payment Plan.

What happens if I drop a class, cancel a meal plan, and/or move out of campus housing?

The Monthly Payment Plan balance that is placed in the plan will remain unchanged.  Any credits resulting from a dropped class, meal plan and/ or housing will be applied to your installment payment(s).

Can the Monthly Payment Plan be used for Intersession?

The payment plan is not available for Intersessions.

Can I enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan at any time during the semester?

The Monthly Payment Plan will be available in CaneLink through August 31st for the fall semester and December 31st for the spring semester.  Please note: if the payment plan is processed after the August 1st, the first and second installment payment will be due upon completion of the MPP enrollment.

Can I cancel my Monthly Payment Plan?

Yes, you must come in to the Office of Student Services in order to cancel the payment plan once you have enrolled in the plan.  You will have 30 days from the date you enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan to cancel without penalty.  If the payment plan is not cancelled with the 30 day period,  the 3% non-refundable administration fee of the plan amount will be charged.

Can A Proxy process a Monthly Payment Plan and/or make payments?

A proxy is not eligible to process the Monthly Payment Plan.  Payments can be made by the proxy under the “Proxy view” by selecting “View Account Summary/Make a Payment. Please click here to view the step by step illustrations.