FAQ - Florida Prepaid

How do students set up their FL Prepaid account with UM?

1. First, UM has to be “authorized” with FL Prepaid to bill for the student this is done by filling out the “Transfer Form” from FLPP and then turning this form back into FLPP. FLPP Contact info: http://www.myfloridaprepaid.com/ or 1‐800‐552‐4723.

2. Then the student/purchaser will have to submit the “Authorization Form” to OSAS. The Authorization Form can be found here. This form can be sent to our office via email: saccounts@miami.edu, Fax: 305‐284‐3895 or by mailing/bringing the form to the office.

*FL Prepaid will be set up on the students Canelink account within 3 business days of receipt if the forms have been properly filled out and received and there are no issues. Any issues will be emailed to the student’s um email account.

How does FL Prepaid work at UM?

1. Rates are determined each academic year by FL Prepaid to determine how much FL Prepaid will pay Private Universities depending on the contract that has been purchased.

2017‐2018 Rates (for reference)

Plans $ per credit
University Tuition $ 116.66
FCS (Community College) $ 95.41
Dorm APA Avg Rate $ 3,137.30
Local Unit Fees Rate $ 37.24
FCS Local Com Coll Fee Rate $ 11.14
TDF Univ Apa Avg Rate $ 45.11

2. Deferments are posted based on the requested amounts and the plan the student has.
3. Since the University of Miami is a private institution we do not bill based on enrollment but based on what is requested on the “Authorization Form”. Requests can be made above or below the amount of credit hours the student is registered for and dorm can be billed for without the student being in UM housing.

a. If the FL Prepaid account is restricted it can be any amount up to 15 credits per semester (or the
equivalent monetary amount).
b. If Unrestricted they can choose any amount up to the maximum value of their plan or the Lump sum amount.
c. They can change this amount as frequently as they desire as long as a new form is turned in for each semester they want changed.
d. We will continue to bill for the original requested amount unless they submit a new form.

When is the FL Prepaid form due?

Forms will be accepted and processed with the regular billing period through the second week of the semester. After this time billing requests will still be accepted but will be processed with our late billing and will only be processed once a month after payment for the regular billing has been processed.

When does FLPP get billed/paid?

FLPP deferments are set up within 3 business days of receipt but billing is not processed until after the add/drop period. It takes approximately 3‐4 weeks for UM to receive payment from FLPP once billed.

*Any excess created from the FL Prepaid payment will be released on the following day of payment being posted