Exit Interviews FAQ

What is the Exit Interview?

The Exit Interview provides loan borrowers with important information relating to the loans you received and a review of your rights and responsibilities as a borrower. This Exit Interview process covers information relating to GradPLUS, Stafford, Perkins, Nursing, and/or Donor loans.

Who/Why does a student need to complete the exit interview?

If you are graduating, have withdrawn, have reduced your course-load below half time (6 cr. undergraduates, 5 cr. graduate), or are just leaving the University of Miami and have borrowed student loans (GradPLUS, Stafford, Perkins, Nursing, and/or Donor loans) federal regulations require that you complete an Exit Interview prior to separating from the University (even if the separation is a temporary one or if you are graduating but returning to UM for another degree).

Where do students complete their exit interview?

Exit Interview for GradPLUS and/or Stafford Loans

If you have Federal GradPLUS and/or Stafford Loans the process begins by logging onto www.studentloans.gov, Please note that you will need to supply contact information for your next of kin, two references who live in the United States and future employer (if known) to complete this process as well as your Driver's License number. Note: As of May 2015, you must have a verified FSA ID (Username & Password) instead of a PIN to log in to www.studentloans.gov. For assistance, please click here or call: 1-800-557-7394.

Exit Interview for Perkins, Nursing, and/or Donor Loans

If you have a Perkins, Nursing, or Donor Loan the process begins by logging onto https://heartland.ecsi.net/. Click on ‘Sign In or Register’. Sign In to an existing profile or Register and create a new profile. Once signed in choose your institution or account. Select the Documents tab and select Review and Sign beside the note you wish to sign, and then follow the step-by-step instructions. For assistance, please visit https://heartland.ecsi.net/index.main.html#/contactus or call 1-844-549-3274.


How do students get the exit interview S04 hold removed?

Removing the Exit interview Hold

  • If you have completed your GradPLUS and/or Stafford Loan Exit Interview, please forward the email confirmation you received from www.studentloans.gov to the following email: exitinterview@miami.edu

  • If you have completed a Perkins, Nursing and/or Donor Loan exit interview please notify us by sending an email to the following email: exitinterview@miami.edu

  • Please make sure to include your full name and UM ID number in the email.