Check Distribution Department

Our Mission

As a part of the University of Miami’s Office of Student Account Services, the Check Distribution unit serves as a support function to the University's overall mission. Our primary goal is to process and disburse all University checks. We strive to ensure that employees, students, vendors, travelers, University departments, and others receive their checks in a timely and accurate manner, consistent with University guidelines.

UM Employees

You may call 305-284-2284 to find out if a check is available for pick-up. Individuals picking up checks are required to show a valid Identification Card.

Metrorail Passes

Metrorail passes are no longer available for pick-up at the Check Distribution window. Please contact Parking and Transportation for questions regarding Metrorail passes.


Student Refunds Direct Deposit

The fastest and safest way for UM to deliver student related funds is for us to send it directly to the student's personal bank account. We strongly recommend the student go to their Canelink, enter the Student Center, and select “Enroll in Direct Deposit” from the drop-down menu under Finances to follow the steps to enroll in direct deposit.

 How to enroll in direct deposit.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in direct deposit.

Some points to remember about Direct Deposit:

  • We can only deposit into domestic United States bank accounts or credit unions.
  • Communications are sent to the student's official UM email address when a direct deposit has been sent to the bank. The funds will generally be available in their bank account within three business days after it appears on their UM student account.
If the student does not use Direct Deposit, any check will be mailed to the student's Local or Permanent Address which the student maintains on Canelink. It is highly recommended for students to enroll in direct deposit to avoid the possibility of a returned check.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Employees and students receiving a paycheck are also encouraged to enroll in direct deposit. Please note, the process to enroll in direct deposit for a payroll payment is different than that of a student refund. For additional information, contact Payroll at 305-284-3004 option 2.