Cashiers Office

The University of Miami Cashier’s office is committed to provide excellent Customer Service. It is important to provide services in a knowledgeable, helpful manner that demonstrates respect for our community and beyond. We provide timely, and accurate cash handling for the University. Together, we are absolutely committed to building a better U.

Cashiering Services:

  • Payments can be made at the Cashiers window by check, money order or cash. Please note, we encourage you to make an e-payment whenever possible.
  • Scholarship checks and alternative loan checks that require a signature can be processed at the Cashiers.
  • On Campus Department Deposits are also processed at the Cashiers. (Checks and Cash Only).
  • Deposits for the Lockbox Services must be dropped off in a sealed bag at the Cashiers Window.
  • All checks received must be in U.S. Currency.
  • All checks are scanned and deposited through the U.S Bank System on a daily basis.

Check Cashing

Personal checks may be cashed on campus at the Cashier windows on the first floor of the Ashe Building. Check cashing privileges are limited to University currently enrolled students. Checks presented for cashing must be in the name of the employee or the student. Two (2) forms of picture identification (a UM 'CANE Card and a valid driver's license) are required in order to cash any check.

Check Cashing Limits

Student Personal Checks     $125 per week
Work-Study Paychecks        $250 per week


Returned Checks

It is the University's policy to deposit all returned checks twice, automatically and without notice. The returned check fine will be assessed to the student's account, as listed below, after the second attempt. A notification letter will be mailed to the maker of the check detailing the amount and fine for the returned check.

Check cashing privileges will be restricted until cash or certified funds (money order or cashier's check) are presented for payment. A personal check will not be accepted for payment to replace a returned check. Check cashing privileges will be canceled for those persons who have three (3) or more returned checks.

Returned Check Fine (physical and online): $20 Fee